Repair & Service Center

Repair Services

Repairs are sometimes required for medical equipment. The service department at Memorial Home Services can repair and service various equipment, including wheelchairs, respiratory equipment, scooters/mobility devices and seat lift chairs.

For more information about equipment repairs, call 217-788-4663 or 800-582-8667, or email us.

Delivery Service

Our fleet of vehicles is here to serve you. Our delivery service area covers an 18-county region in Central Illinois.

We pride ourselves on careful and timely delivery of customers' orders. Our courteous drivers will assemble the equipment, educate you in the safe use of the equipment, and take the time to answer any questions you may have. Our drivers will also perform a home safety assessment to ensure that the equipment is safe to use in your home.

Drop-Shipping Program

Memorial Home Services can ship supplies and products directly to the customer's doorstep. This program applies only to products that can be safely shipped to your home.

Many customers require recurring orders for medical supplies. Through our shipping program, orders can be set up on a recurring basis and shipped to your doorstep - weekly or even monthly. Our goal is to see that your needs are met and that you receive your products timely and efficiently.

For more information about our repair and delivery service or drop-shipping program, call 217-788-4663 or 800-582-8667, or email us.

Wheelchair & Rehab Technology

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Our team understands that your mobility needs are important. Your satisfaction and comfort in using your equipment is our goal. Together, we'll discuss your goals, evaluate your home environment, review your options and show you how the equipment works. We are there to support you every step of the way. 

Products & Services

Our Wheelchair & Rehab Technology department has experience with a wide variety of geriatric, bariatric and pediatric products. We work with many vendors so you have several options to choose from when selecting your equipment.

  • Scooters
  • Custom Manual Wheelchairs: Positioning, Recline, Standing, and Tilt
  • Custom Power Wheelchairs: Positioning, Powered Seating, and Standing
  • Custom Seating and Positioning Systems: Molded Seating, Positioning Products, and Seat and Back Solutions
  • Specialized Bath Equipment: Rehab Shower and Commode Chairs
  • Customized and Specialized Equipment for Pediatrics: Assisted Ambulation Solutions, Bath Solutions, Mobility Solutions, and Toileting Solutions

Our Process

Upon receiving the referral for mobility, our rehab staff will conduct an equipment evaluation, along with a physical or occupational therapist. Together, the therapist and our staff will discuss your personal goals and lifestyle to determine your equipment needs.

Our staff may visit your home and provide a home safety assessment. We want to make sure that the equipment we order for you will work within the confines of your home - that it can be used safely and effectively. From there, we'll make recommendations as to the type of equipment that works best for you. For example, you may be more suited for a standard power chair, rather than a scooter. Or maybe an added feature to a power chair will work better with your lifestyle goals. Our staff will then walk you through their recommendations and work with your doctor and insurance company to ensure that all requirements are met to get your equipment in an efficient and timely manner.

After your equipment arrives, we will provide you with education on using your chair, regular maintenance, and safety issues. We want you to be as comfortable as possible with your equipment. We can also provide home delivery of your new equipment and conduct a home safety assessment as needed. We will teach you how to maneuver your equipment throughout your home and ensure your continued safety.

Education & Certification

Memorial Home Services rehab specialists attend regular in-service training on products, communication and regulatory issues. This helps ensure that our staff are knowledgeable in the options available to you and that your questions are answered quickly and accurately. We also have an on-staff Assistive Technology Professional (ARP) certified by the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA).