Therapy Services

Returning to your full mobility can be very difficult after surgery, injury or illness. A patient may need assistance regaining balance, range of motion and strength. Sometimes patients are not able to leave the home for outpatient therapy or clinic visits. Memorial Home Services can help.

Our therapy staff is available to serve homebound patients in the comfort of their own homes. The types of therapies we provide include:

  • Physical Therapy - Licensed physical therapists or assistants provide treatments to restore mobility and independence. Services include gait training, balance exercises, strengthening exercises, stroke rehabilitation, equipment assessment and prosthetic training.
  • Occupational Therapy - Occupational therapists focus on the patient's ability to perform practical activities of daily living. Through retraining of daily tasks, home modification and instruction on adaptive equipment, they help make life easier.
  • Speech Therapy - Speech therapists help patients relearn or develop important communication or cognitive skills. Assistance is also provided for patients with voice problems and swallowing difficulties.

Patients who receive therapy services through Memorial Home Services are also eligible for the assistance of home health aides.