Home Nursing

Our home nursing services are provided to individuals in the comfort of their own home. Whether you are recovering from injury, surgery or illness, our team of dedicated staff is available to help you through the healing process.

To receive home nursing services, individuals must meet the eligibility requirements for home health care. Our nursing services are provided through:

  • Registered Nurses - Provide and coordinate the care that patients receive. Registered nurses (RNs) provide a broad range of skilled nursing services, including administration of medications, IV therapy, dressing changes and monitoring of the patient's condition at home. Ongoing education is also provided to patients and caregivers.
  • Licensed Practical Nurses - Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) work under the direction of the RNs providing skilled nursing services. 
  • Home Health Aides - State certified home health aides provide personal care by assisting with bathing, shaving, shampooing, and nail and skin care. They also assist with ambulation, range of motion exercises and dry dressing changes. Medicare will allow home health aide services if patients meet the eligibility requirements for home health and are receiving skilled care services. The number of home health aide visits an individual receives is dependent on the patient's plan of care and individual needs.

Your diet can also play an important role in your healing process. To enhance your care, our home nursing program offers nutrition services when necessary. Dietitians assist in planning special diets. Programs may include education about diabetic exchanges or planning of salt-restricted, low-fat or low-protein diets.

We also understand that healing can be a stressful process, whether it is due to prolonged illness or surgical recovery. Your abilities to provide for yourself, as you have in the past, may be limited. To help you through difficult situations, we offer social services. Our medical social workers assist patients in accessing financial assistance, caregivers, transportation and other community services. Support and assistance with nursing home placement is also available for those individuals who are in need of this assistance.