What does homebound mean?

According to Medicare, a homebound patient's condition makes leaving home a considerable and taxing effort. A patient can still be considered homebound if absences from the home are infrequent, are for periods of relatively short duration, or are attributable to the need to receive health care treatment.

Does insurance cover home health care?

Home Health is generally covered through Medicare, Illinois Medicaid and most private insurance plans. For those unable to pay for home health services, Memorial Home Services offers a charity care program. If you have questions about payment or insurance coverage, our billing specialists are available for consultation. Call 217-788-4663 or 800-582-8667, or email us.

How long may I receive home health care?

Home health services typically run on a certification period of 60 days, depending on the patient condition and orders. However, length of services is very patient-specific for home health.

How often will a nurse make home visits?

The frequency and duration of visits by the nurse varies from patient to patient. Considerations include the seriousness of the condition, physician orders, and the patient's plan of care.

Can a nurse stay with a patient on a 24 hour basis?

Some nursing agencies offer 24-hour nursing care, but Memorial Home Services' home health care involves intermittent home visits only. Intermittent care must be adequate to meet your needs and is provided on a part-time, per visit basis. We do offer after-hour emergency service. Someone is always available to assist you.

Can someone from Memorial Home Services help with chores, light housework, bathing or shaving?

Our home health aides are available to help with personal care needs. However, patients must receive skilled nursing or therapy services to qualify for home health aides. Home Health aides are not available as a stand-alone service.

If you have additional questions about home health services, please call us at 217-788-4663 or 800-582-8667, or email us.