Patient Stories


Glenn Gill

Home Health Services Returns Lincoln’s Glenn Gill Back to His Life

Born with spina bifida, Glenn Gill has gone through between 20 and 30 surgeries throughout his 37 years of life. In adulthood, he developed diabetes

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Mona Bartz

Home Hospice: One Patient's Story of Care and Friendship

Mona Bartz’s Sunday School class calls her most Sunday mornings to sing a hymn with her over the phone. The 74-year-old hospice patient hasn’t let a terminal cancer diagnosis derail her bubbly personality that connects with everyone she comes in contact with – including her Memorial Home Services – Hospice team.

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Kenny Mayner

From ICU to home in time for celebration

Kenny fought for his life during his 13 days in the Intensive Care Unit at Memorial Medical Center. While his inpatient care team focused on improving his health a little each day, he was determined to return home to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary. And did so, with the help of Memorial Medical Center and Memorial Home Services. 

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Mary Williams

Sleep Study Provides Answers and Relief from Dozing While Driving

Mary Williams, 52, was perpetually tired, even though she thought she was getting a good night’s rest. Her sleep study revealed she was dealing with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and necessitated a fitting for a CPAP device. Although she was apprehensive and didn’t know what to expect, she said the friendly, helpful employees at Memorial Home Services made all the difference.

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Kent Hill

Volunteer Chooses to Serve Hospice Patients

When Kent Hill’s wife of 32 years, Sandy, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, they both found comfort and support at Memorial's Home Hospice program. Kent was so impacted by the program, he now volunteers his time to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Owen Moffitt

Power wheelchair opens up one boy's world

Owen Moffitt is from rural Glenarm. He has cerebral palsy and cannot walk or speak. For most of his young life, he was pushed where he needed to go. Now, he communicates and goes where he likes with the help of assistive technology and a power wheelchair.

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