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Hospice Speakers Bureau

Hospice Speakers BureauEducational Community Presentations

The Hospice Speakers Bureau at Memorial Home Services exists to educate the central Illinois community about the true meaning of hospice – comfort, compassion & quality of life. Our goal is to help individuals understand how hospice care is a benefit for patients and families.

Speakers are available, free of charge, for educational presentations to civic & community organizations, clubs, churches, etc. Presentations can be catered to a particular topic of interest and meet the individual needs of the group.

Some common topics of discussion are:

  • What is hospice care?
  • When is the right time for hospice?
  • What diagnoses and illnesses qualify for hospice?
  • How can hospice care help my family?
  • What services do hospice volunteers provide?

To request a speaker, complete the form below and an individual from our Hospice Speakers’ Bureau will contact you.

Hospice Presentation Request for Information

We want this presentation to be informative for your group. To help our speaker prepare for the presentation, please provide some general information about your group, as well as any needs or requests you may have. Please complete the form below or download and print a PDF of the Hospice Speakers Bureau Request Form.

CONTACT INFORMATION (Bolded fields are required.)

Contact Name
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ABOUT YOUR EVENT/MEETING (Bolded fields are required.)

Presentation Date & Time
Location of Event/Meeting
How many attendees do you expect and what is their age range?
Please provide a few details about your group and/or event.
How much time is allowed for the presentation?
What is planned before the presentation?
What is planned after the presentation?
Is a projector/computer available for a PowerPoint presentation?
Do you need a flyer to advertise this speaker?
Is there any hospice information or questions you would like our presenter to cover specifically?

We appreciate the opportunity to present to your group.

For more information about the Memorial Home Services Hospice or the Speakers’ Bureau, call (800) 582-8667 or email