Hospice Eligibility Requirements

Hospice eligibility is not limited to certain diseases, diagnoses, or ages. Basic eligibility requirements include:

  1. The individual has a desired goal of comfort, rather than curative care. The individual wishes to no longer treat the terminal illness itself, but to focus on the management of pain and symptoms and enhance quality of life.
  2. A physician must certify that the individual has a life expectancy of 6 months or less. This does not mean that hospice care can only last 6 months. In many cases, hospice care goes beyond this 6-month period. (For individuals who may not have a primary care physician, our medical director is available to certify and coordinate care.)
  3. The individual resides within Memorial Home Services service area.

If you have questions about hospice eligibility, please call us at 800-582-8667 or 217-788-4663. Also, visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about hospice care.