Insurance & Payment

We understand that you have many questions about home health, billing and insurance. Memorial Home Services employs a reimbursement team that specializes in insurance and billing. They will answer your questions and explain services covered under the home health plan of care. Prior to your admission to the home health program, our staff will perform an insurance check to verify that home health is covered under your insurance plan.

Home health is a covered benefit under Medicare, Illinois Medicaid and most private insurance plans. Memorial Home Services accepts most private insurance plans, Medicare and Illinois Medicaid.

For patients who may be unable to pay for home health services, Memorial Home Services offers a charity care program. Our reimbursement specialists will work closely with you to submit all proper paperwork and forms and answer any questions you may have.

Our billing specialists are available to answer questions about payment or insurance coverage. Call us at 217-788-4663 or 800-582-8667 and ask for the home health reimbursement department, or email us.

For information on the Health Insurance Exchange: Five Fast Facts on the Affordable Care Act's Health Insurance Marketplace