Community Benefit

Memorial Health System Community Benefit Annual Report
Community Health Needs Assessment

At Memorial Home Services, our mission is to improve the health of the people and communities we serve. We play an active role in giving back to our community in a number of ways.

Community Health Screenings

Monitoring one's own health is very important. One of the most common ways Memorial Home Services provides community benefit is through community health screenings. Through our community outreach program, our nurses offer blood pressure and blood sugar screenings to community members through a number of venues - community health fairs, church groups, community events, etc.

Community Presentations

Memorial Home Services also offers educational presentations to civic and community groups.

We often provide hospice education. This educational presentation expels the many myths that surround hospice care and provides education as to what hospice care is, how it benefits the family, and how hospice can help to make the last days, weeks and months of life as pleasant as possible.

Memorial Home Services staff also offers presentations regarding home safety, medical equipment options, and falls prevention. Our staff provides education in medical equipment options, proper home safety and offers suggestions to help reduce the risk of falls in and around the home.

Grief Support Groups

Our Grief Support Group helps individuals cope with the loss of a loved one. Support groups provide an opportunity for mutual sharing and support. Those who have suffered a loss have an opportunity to discuss their feelings and changes the loss has brought to their lives. Participants can share coping methods for dealing with emotions and get reassurance that they are not alone in their loss.

Support group meetings are facilitated monthly by an experienced bereavement professional and are open to anyone who wants to attend. They are located in Springfield, Jacksonville, Taylorville and Lincoln. View meeting times and locations.

Equipment Safety Checks

Medical Equipment staff are able to provide safety checks on various medical equipment (walkers, wheelchairs, canes, etc.) to make sure that equipment is properly fitted to the individual. Equipment that is not adjusted to an individual's proper height can prove problematic for a person's health and safety.

Through our many community efforts, Memorial Home Services provided more than $887,000 in community benefit programs throughout central Illinois in fiscal year 2014. This community benefit included free health screening events (blood pressure and blood sugar checks) at senior centers, churches, health fairs and community events; free grief and bereavement support groups as well as charity care assistance for qualifying low-income individuals. Memorial Home Services also loaned complimentary wheelchairs for use at various community events where seniors or those with mobility challenges would benefit from access to a temporary wheelchair.

For more information about community benefits at Memorial Home Services call (217) 788-4663 or (800) 582-8667, or email us.